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Historic Melbourne Pub Demolished Without Permission

The Corkman Irish Pub, which used to be known as the Carlton was built 159 years ago, and stood on the corner of Leicester and Pelham streets in Cartlon. Well that is, until Sunday night.

Developers knocked down the iconic pub on the weekend, even though they had no permit to do so. There wasn't even a planning permit for future work on the site.

Neighbours called the Melbourne City Council on Saturday to complain about the demolition noise coming from the pub but by the time inspectors arrived to the pub, the building had been too largely demolished.

The council issued them a stop work order to prevent any further demolition, but the crew returned on Sunday to finish off the job.

The Shaq Demolition and Excavation company has been photographed knocking down the pub - and the demolition company has since been de-registered. Their website is 'Under Construction' and as reported by The Age, the man who answered the phone for the company would not answer any questions.

The historic pub was previously damaged by fire earlier this month, with Police sending an arson investigator to inspect the scene. It was sold to a local developer for just under $5 million in late 2014, after being held by the same owner since it was last up for sale in 1987.

The pub is directly across the road from the University of Melbourne law school.

Melbourne City Council is investigating the demolition and a spokesperson has said they will be taking appropriate enforcement action.

It is still unknown what kinds of fines will be laid out, but as it stands, fines for illegal demolition can total up to $180,000, and fines for serious planning breaches like this one can draw fines of up to $200,000.

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