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Health Warning Issued For Victoria After Heavy Rain

The world’s deadliest mushroom has been discovered to be growing in Australia.

Heavy rainfall in Victoria and Tasmania has prompted Heavy rainfall in Victoria and Tasmania has prompted death cap mushrooms and yellow-staining mushrooms to grow.

The discovery has prompted officials to warn people away from foreign-looking fungi.

'One mushroom can be fatal; these are strong toxins in these mushrooms,' Victoria's chief health officer Professor Charles Guest told the ABC.

He continued to say that the yellow-stained mushrooms can cause severe stomach pain that lasts for days, while the death-cap mushroom poisons the liver and was fatal.

He said it was difficult to identify the deadly fungi because it looked similar to safe mushrooms.

The death cap mushroom, that experts say causes a 'slow and painful death', was discovered in Tasmania by German tourists this month. 

The mushrooms are usually found under oak trees and have a slimy green texture and sit in a yellow, white sack-like structure.

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