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GREAT News If You Are Planning On Parking In Melbourne Today

Parking officers in Melbourne’s city centre have stopped issuing motorist with tickets as part of a dispute with their management over pay and conditions.

The ban on issuing tickets will only occur on Thursday, but it may be repeated.

Some council workers are still issuing tickets but most are not.

As a result of the action, parking officers are not writing tickets anywhere in the CBD. The union is arguing that too many executives earn too much money, while lower-ranked staff are not able to negotiate pay increases.

A statement from the council said the union notified them last week that strike action was possible ‘’"We have been negotiating in good faith with the ASU for some months now and strongly believe this action is unnecessary and premature," the statement said.

Residents and workers are warned that ‘normal parking restrictions still apply during this time".

"Parking Officers will be on patrol and will continue to issue infringement notices to illegally parked vehicles throughout the city and municipality," the statement said.

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