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Got One Of These Cars? You Are About Pay MORE In Road Tolls!

Thousands of Ford ute drivers are set to fork out more than their Holden counterparts to travel on toll roads in Victoria.

Eastlink and Citylink have admitted they have wrongly billed many Ford ute drivers, who will now pay increased tolls, but Holden ute owners will remain untouched.

VicRoads classifies Holden utes as a ‘car’ but the Ford Falcon ute as a ‘light commercial vehicle’ due to differences in their construction.

It means Ford Falcon drivers will be charged $9.67 for a tourney that Holden drivers will only pay $6.04 for.

A complete trip on CityLink in peak time will cost a Holden ute $8.69 but $11.57 in a Ford.

CityLink has said they have confirmed customers of the new charges and their previous errors.

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