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Generous Act Saved Couple's Lives In Dreamworld Tragedy

The New Zealand locals told Newshub that were next to board the doomed Thunder River Rapids flume when they decided to let the people behind them jump the queue, as they waited for the woman's mother to catch up. 

That simple act of generosity seemingly saved their lives. 

Instead it was Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett, Roozi Araghi, Cindy Low and two young children that boarded the flume destined to tragically overturn mid-ride, killing the four adults and putting a 10-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl in hospital. 

The New Zealand couple - who wish not to be named for privacy - were not spared entirely though, the tragic events that they witnessed will no doubt last with them forever. 

“We saw things we wished we hadn’t,” he said.

Initially unaware of why the Thunder River Rapids ride that they were on had stopped, the trio realised the gravity of the situation very quickly. 

After making the decision to climb out of their flume, the events that were unfolding in front of them became clearer.

In between screams of panic, staff members were quick to action in hope of saving those who were caught under the ride. 

The man told Newshub that he is "counting his lucky stars", while his partner's mother has made clear that she will never set foot in another theme park. 

The police are calling on any witnesses or Dreamworld patrons that may have noticed anything unusual on the ride in the weeks and months leading up to this tragedy. 

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.

The family and friends of Kate Goodchild & Luke Dorsett have set up a GoFundMe in light of their tragic passing to cover memorial costs.

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