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'Fun-Police' Melbourne Council Bans Local Basketball Hoop

The Bayside Council has been slammed for being buzzkills after banning a local street basketball hoop.

Families in Beaumaris set it up in mid-2018 at the end of a cul-de-sac and kids have been happily playing there after school.

But local council have threatened the families with a $500 fine after a neighbour complained on Christmas Eve.

Mother Sofia Dedes told,

“In the mornings before school, after school, all day weekends, all the kids are out there playing with each other.”

“We don’t want to be law-breakers,” she said.

“There is always an adult supervising. We have a great little community and it’s such a shame the response from council has been to shut it down rather than find another solution.”

In response, city planning director Dr Hamish Read said the council had “received a number of complaints regarding items obstructing the footpath and roadway.”

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