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Family Warns Melbourne Residents As Son Is In COMA

A Victorian footballer is in a coma in a Gold Coast hospital and is suspected of taking a mystery ‘zombie’ drug that is believed to left 16 people in hospital.

Riki Stephens and his Heathcote Saints teammates were on an end-of-season holiday when he took the drug on the weekend, according to club president Andrew Conforti.

It's suspected Mr Stephens may have taken "flakka", a synthetic stimulant believed to be behind 16 people being hospitalised after becoming aggressive, non-compliant and dangerous.  

However, some reports have linked the overdoses to being a more potent form of the drug MDMA.

The footballer had finished playing his first season with the club after being recruited from Melbourne when he went on the Gold Coast trip.

Friends have left messages on Stephen’s Facebook account saying ‘hang in there’, ‘keep fighting’ and make it home to Victoria.

Conforti has said "We need to let people know if this drug comes to Melbourne, this is what can happen," Mr Conforti said.

"Riki's not out of the woods yet."

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