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Melbourne School Kid Will Be Able To Get Two Free Things

Melbourne school kids will be given free milk from next year, under a new deal to boost the state’s struggling dairy industry.

Minister for Education James Merino today visited Pactum Dairy Group to announce it will supply milk to the Andrew’s Governments School Breakfast Clubs program which starts in 2017.

The school breakfast club will give 25,000 students in 500 government run schools free meals, so families can worry about other things than providing a meal first thing in the morning.

Mr Marino said ‘’One in seven Victorian children arrive at school on an empty stomach which is affecting their ability to concentrate and learn.’’

The new deal will see the Murray-Goulburn region supply 400,000 litres of milk a year to the program, which benefits 130 farms in the district.

Mr Merlino also announced that SPC would provide 80 tonnes of Australian grown baked beans to the campaign, also to help local businesses.

What a great initiative!

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