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Elite Melbourne School Teachers Embroiled In Racism Scandal

A teacher from an elite Melbourne school claims he was bullied by a colleague who told him she didn’t want the staff room ‘’looking like Angelina Jolie’s family.’

Manu Chopra, formally employed by McKinnon Secondary College, claims the same teacher also said the staff room didn’t ‘’need any more brown skins.’

The allegations are currently being heard by the human rights division of th Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Eight people have been listed in the extensive complaint, including the school’s principal and vice-principal, which relates to incidents that occurred in 2013.

It is alleged that the same teacher who was responsible for the Jolie line, racially insulted Mr Chopra at a staff party. It alleged that he called out ‘’good job’’ to a staff member who pulled away a female teacher he was talking to at an event. The staff later confessed to being asked to 'save' the teacher from 'the brown skinned man.' 

Mr Chopra has put together 73 pages of evidence to prove that a number of staff members had breached the Equal Opportunity Act 2010.

There has been no comment from McKinnon Secondary College.

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