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Dog Owners Could Face Fine For Not Having Poo Bag

Dog owners in Melbourne's south-east could be in the shit for taking their pet for a walk without carrying a poo bag.

The council in Casey have unveiled the new laws for pet owners who could be fined $200 on the spot for not carrying the disposable bag, even if your dog doesn't go.

The fine for not picking up your pooches dog poo has also been increased from $200 to $500.

Dog owners in the area have mixed emotions to the new legislation.

"Fantastic" wrote one person on Twitter, while another said "the fine seems too small to me."

However, others think that the fine is too high with the price being higher than some low level speeding fines.

So the next time you take your pooch out for a walk around the town of Casey make sure you remember the poop bag, otherwise it could be a VERY expensive spot of exercise.

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