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Doctors STUNNED After Pregnant Woman Gives Birth To Own TWIN

A pregnant woman who fell into a four-month coma because of a rare neurological condition stunned doctors when she gave birth to a baby boy - as well as her own twin.

Leona Daly's ordeal began just after she became pregnant; the Irish woman developed a debilitating sensitivity to light and noise and grew increasingly anxious and paranoid, eventually struggling to even walk.

The 37-year-old also began having hallucinations, claiming to hear voices and screaming and babbling to the point of being restrained and sedated by doctors. 

Ms Daly later explained to The Irish Mirror that, during the psychotic episodes, she had seen "Jesus and dead relatives".

While psychiatrists originally thought the expectant mother was suffering from a psychological illness, Ms Daly's condition was deteriorating so rapidly that they quickly realised that it was neurological; unfortunately, she fell into a coma before they could complete their testing.

Believing that Ms Daly may have been suffering from something called "anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis", medical staff drained, cleaned and refiltered her blood in a plasma exchange treatment, but it was another four months before the young woman woke up.

When she did come round, Ms Daly had no recollection of her relationship or pregnancy, although she did recognise her close friends and family; she had also lost a staggering amount of weight, and had to learn to walk again.

Happily, after making huge progress, Ms Daly gave birth to son Alfie in October 2011, seven weeks before his due date.

But the Dubliner continued to stun doctors when she also delivered a "phantom baby" - a tennis ball-sized tumour with teeth, hair and even a nerve bundle inside.

Experts believe that it may have been Ms Daly's own unborn twin, and that it had been competing with little Alfie for resources.

Ms Daly has since made a full recovery, and has described her now-four-year-old son as "the cutest little miracle".

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