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Claims Mum Found Gassed Inside Family Home Was 'Part Of Pact

A mother found gassed alongside her husband and two autistic children in October has been accused of being a part of the pact to end their lives. 

A nation was left reeling after the bodies of 43-year-old Maria Lutz, her 43-year-old husband Fernando Manrique and two young children, Eliza and Martin were discovered in their Sydney home. 

Police later discovered the family home had been rigged with a pipe system that leaked fatal gas into the property. They also alleged the system had been set up following threats by Lutz to divorce her 43-year-old and raise her non-verbal children on her own back in the couple's native country of Columbia. 

Source: Facebook

Lutz's former friend Jario Campos contests this theory, claiming the mother-of-two must have known about the complex plot.

"She would have known what Fernando was doing, the deaths took weeks to plan," she told the Daily Telegraph.  

Neighbours revealed spotting Manrique rigging up an intricate system of pipes on the roof of the house weeks before the deaths. Police also discovered gas bottles in the family kitchen. 

Friends and neighbours revealed Lutz had been left with the stress of caring for the two children on her own and she was forced to call child services 'nine times a day' for help. 


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