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Citzens On Patrol To Fight Crime In Melbourne

Citizens patrolling streets in Melbourne's north west believe they wouldn't be needed if there were enough police to fight crime. The community patrol groups of around 35 people, say that they respond to as many as a dozen calls a night from worried residents.

Their main area is across the suburbs of Caroline Springs, Plumpton, Hillside, Taylors Hill, Burnside and Burnside Heights. But apparently they are being called to further suburbs like Sydneham and Taylors Lakes.

A volunteer who spoke to the Herald Sun, and wanted to only be known as Louie, said the groups had stopped going out earlier in the year after they were called 'vigilantes' by the police, but are have been going out again as there is more crime happening.

They usually respond to lower level reports that police are not always able to attend.

The group operates a Facebook page - where people can contact them. The page has over 2000 followers.

Louie says they aren't asking for recognition, and that they'd just be happy if someone said 'Thank you'.

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