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CCTV Footage Captured At Dreamworld Key To Investigations

The tragic accident that led to four fatalities yesterday at Dreamworld has been caught on CCTV, police have confirmed. 

Four people were killed on the Thunder River Rapids Ride at the theme park shortly after 2:20pm and the entire event has been caught on camera. 

The footage will be integral to the current police and workplace health and safety investigation that is currently unfolding.

"There is CCTV footage available and that will be reviewed as part of the investigation," Inspector Reid said.

The entire Dreamworld theme park has been closed until further notice after a crime scene was established yesterday afternoon and specialist detectives began their investigation.


Gold Coast Police Inspector Tod Reid said the police presence on site would continue for a prolonged period of time to both assist in the investigation.

Emergency personnel would also play a hand in recovering the four bodies - which Reid said would be "complex" and will involve heavy equipment. 

"That will take several hours," he said.

Forensic pathologists have reportedly examined the victims "in situ", while a coroner has also looked over the scene. 

"We have specialist police here engaged with witnesses and those people are being offered support, along with the responding police are being offered appropriate support as well," he said.

This comes after Queensland Ambulance Service acting Senior Operations Supervisor Gavin Fuller explained that two of the deceased were ejected from the ride, while two others where then caught inside the ride's carriage. 

"They were assessed by Queensland Ambulance personnel and had all sustained injuries that were incompatible with living," he said.

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