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Borce Ristevski's Son Tells Of When He Knew He Was Guilty

Borce Ristevski's son has told of the moment he knew his father had killed Karen. 

Anthony Rickard, son from Borce's previous marriage, told Channel 7 he'd known for years.

"I saw it in his eyes, one eye shitting himself and the other one like the 'Terminator', and I knew," Mr Rickard said.

"He should at least get 20 [years], and that’s without parole. Why should he get out in 10 years? He’s taken a life, 50 years short of what she could’ve lived to."

The son of Borce Ristevski says he has known that his father was guilty of killing Karen Ristevski for years.

Prosecutors have downgraded the murder charge to manslaughter, to which Ristevski pleaded guilty.

"I think he acted, not on purpose, but he did obviously choke her. She’s a tiny woman, just a little squeeze would’ve been enough. By that time it was too late, he obviously didn’t think it out, he didn’t plan it," Mr Rickard said.

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