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Barber Who Gave Boy 'Humiliating Haircut' Jailed

A barber has been jailed for eight months after giving a 10-year-old boy a “humiliating” haircut.

The boy had been playing with a razor when 21-year-old Abdulrahim Omar decided to teach the child a lesson by giving the kid a ‘number one’.

He was also made to sweep up the hair.

The boy felt so humiliated when others had laughed at him, he called the police.

When the police arrested him, he admitted the boy had been using a razor himself and he wanted to teach him that they were dangerous.

He later pleaded guilty and was jailed for eight months.

Prosecutor Alex Radley said the boy had been “proud” of his hairstyle and that it was important to him.

“He suffered psychological and physical harm," he said.

Defending Omar, Ahtiq Raja said he recognised he made a grave mistake.

"He knows there is no excuse and knows what he has done is fundamentally wrong. The actions were a one-off."

Judge Richard Foster described the “premeditated humiliation” as “despicable” and that there was no excuse for what he did.

"It was a most disgusting piece of humiliation," he said.

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