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Australian Woman Pleads Guilty To Having Sex With Her Dog

A 27-year-old Brisbane woman has pleaded guilty to having sex with her dog on numerous occasions, a court has heard.

Jenna Louise Driscoll was repeatedly encouraged by her then-boyfriend to perform intimate acts with the animal, after which the man, named only as Tristan, would call her a "dirty sl*t" and sleep with her himself.

Court documents revealed a series of horrifying texts between the couple; asked by her boyfriend to send him a video of the "dirtiest thing" she could imagine, Ms Driscoll filmed herself engaging "in sexual acts with her dog."

When the dog refused to come out from under the bed, Tristan told Ms Driscoll to train it to have sex with her because he would "never stop wanting you to do this type of stuff."

On another occasion, Ms Driscoll was filmed by her former partner engaging in sexual acts with the dog while he "[pushed] the dog from behind to assist the motion."

Ms Driscoll then had sex with Tristan "for a few minutes" before going back to the dog.

The defendant choked back tears as she was handed down a suspended sentence by Judge Terry Martin, who branded her "repugnant" and "against the order of nature."

"You were clearly a willing participant in acts of sexual intercourse with the dog," he said.

Ms Driscoll, who, the judge said, had suffered both emotional and physical abuse growing up, had pleaded guilty to all charges; her crime had come to light when police found the videos and photos on her phone while investigating her for drug trafficking.

She will now undergo regular drugs tests as part of the probation order. 

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