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Australian Bought Cars On The List Of 340,000 Recalled

Toyota Australia recalling about 300 Hybrid Prius cars built between August 2015 and October 2016 because of a parking brake defect.

Toyota has said the parking brake cable could disengage unexpectedly, causing the brakes to fail and if the car is in any gear other than park, it could start rolling away.

The problem can be fixed, with cable clips being installed but the parts won’t arrive in Australia until later this month.

“A letter will then be sent to all impacted owners to request that they make an appointment with their preferred Toyota dealer,” Toyota Australia says in a statement.

“The repair will take approximately 30 minutes and will be carried out free of charge.” The 300 cars being recalled in Australia are part of 340,000 Prius vehicles recalled globally.

The manufacturer is investigating reports of crashes, injuries and deaths — none have occurred in Australia, it says.

Customers can call the Toyota recall campaign helpline on 1800 987 366.

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