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ANOTHER Melbourne School In The Midst Of SHOCKING Scandal

Boys at one of Melbourne’s elite schools have rated their school formal dates in a degrading video that ha left girls humiliated and upset.

A group of Melbourne Grammar Year 12 students have also been filmed undertaking a ‘tinder boot camp’’ on the school oval where they hunt for formal partners, with orders from classmates not to pick unattractive females.

The video was posted on Facebook, and a parent provided the video to the Herald Sun.

Boys were interviewed by classmates about who they planned to take to last terms formal and asked to rate them from 1-10.

Melbourne Gramma headmaster Rob Kelley said he was made aware of the video yesterday and said to the Herald Sun ‘’“This video contains references that I consider to be totally inconsistent with the values and standards of this School, its students and our community,” he said in a statement.

“It includes comments that would cause hurt and offence. This is unacceptable.”

The school has demanded the video to be removed.

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