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Ambulance Victoria Urge Us To Take Care In Storm Clean-Up

Paramedics are urging people to take care cleaning up after yesterday’s wild winds which left one person dead and 20 other people in hospital.

A woman died when a tree fell onto a house in Millgrove at the height of yesterday’s storms.

Two people were hurt in separate accidents yesterday while trying to clean up damage.

Ambulance Victoria acting Director of Emergency Management Justin Dunlop says people need to take care when cleaning up or consider getting a professional in.

‘Already two people have been treated by paramedics and taken to hospital with injuries related to cleaning up damage from yesterday,’ Mr Dunlop said.

One man fell from the roof of a house while another was injured using a chainsaw.

People using ladders to get onto the roof need to take extreme care.

Unfortunately if you fall from a height like a ladder or a roof you risk serious or fatal injuries.

Make sure the ladder is on firm, even ground.

If you are working alone, make sure you have a mobile phone so you can call for help if something goes wrong.

Chain saws and other power tools can cause serious, life-long injuries. Make sure you wear long protective clothing, including sturdy shoes, eye protection and ear protection.

If you are in doubt, consider getting a professional in to do the job,’ Mr Dunlop said.

Information on safe use of ladders and power tools is available at

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