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Airlines BAN Samsung Galaxy Note 7...

Qantas and Virgin Australia have enforced a total ban of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after growing concerns the phone could spark a fire on board.

The ban came into affect on Sunday and will also effect low-cost airlines, Jetstar and Tigerair Australia.The Australian airlines join a growing list of carriers overseas who have also banned the smartphone. Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and subsidiary Dragonair, Hone Kong Airlines, HK Express, Asia Asia, Etihad Airways and Emirates have also issued a total ban.

It comes as another blow to Samsung customers. They phone was recently recalled after a defect caused phones to spontaneously burst into flames. Customers were offered a full refund or the opportunity to swap their phone for a different model.

Source: Twitter

The ban includes carry-on and checked in luggage. While Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority hasn’t enforced a blanket ban, it says it is monitoring the situation

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