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The AFL TWIST To Stolen Porsche In Melbourne

JUST IN: Police have taken at least two people into custody following a pursuit of a Porsche Macan that was stolen from a Croydon home overnight

It's been revealed that Hawthorn football player Brendan Whitecross is the owner of the $130,000 Porsche. Whitecross was at home with his wife and two young children when the men broke in. Luckily, all were physically unharmed.


(Image: Christopher Clan via Herald Sun)

Whitecross spoke to reporters saying he went into "fight or flight" mode when thieves fled his home. 

“I went downstairs to find a bloke in the house looking for keys so of course your instincts kick in.”

“My thought was if I could handle Hodgey when he’s a bit fired up I thought I could handle anybody.”

“The first thoughts was to make sure we were all ok and they could take whatever they want because you can replace everything else just not humans,” he said

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Main Image: Channel 9 

Source: Herald Sun

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