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60 Minutes Betrayed Me: Adam Whittington

The child recovery agent at the centre of the 60 Minutes abduction scandal in Lebanon, Adam Whittington, says he won't take part in a kidnapping again.

The former Australian soldier has also revealed how he was left to rot in a "rat hole" in a Lebanese prison while the Nine Network TV crew were treated to pizza and coffee during their detention.

Mr Whittington was charged with kidnapping after Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner's two young children were snatched from a Beirut street in April while being filmed by the 60 Minutes crew.

In his first interview since being released two months ago, the child abduction expert accused the Nine Network of turning the situation into "an absolute joke".

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"We were all going through the same conditions. It's just they were getting a lot of good things being brought in, they were getting pizzas when they were going upstairs, getting coffees," he told Channel Seven's Sunday Night program.

"As soon as they pulled out their cheque book everything went downhill for everybody. Obviously not for Channel 9's crew," he said.

Ms Faulkner and the 60 Minutes crew, including star reporter Tara Brown, were released from prison after two weeks.

The network reportedly paid Ms Faulkner's estranged husband Ali Elamine $500,000 in return for dropping charges against the crew.

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Mr Whittington and his team of four remained in prison for six more weeks before being moved to Tripoli's Ebbe prison, without charge.

The Australian-British national, who is the head of Child Abduction Recovery International, was reunited with his family in Sweden in July after finally being granted bail.

While he did not regret trying to help Ms Faulkner, Mr Whittington said he wouldn't "be doing any more jobs" similar to the Beirut attempt.


"I'm not risking my family. I'm not doing it anymore," he said.

Ms Faulkner gave up custody of the children in return for Mr Elamine dropping personal charges.

"I spent 20 minutes with Sally and the kids in the safe house. They were so happy, so, so happy," Mr Whittington said, describing the moment after the kidnapping.

"All they kept saying 'Mummy we're going back to Australia, we're going back to home' that's all they kept saying," he said.

The Seven Network says Sunday Night made no payment to Mr Whittington or his family for the interview.


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