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Boy Rushed To Hospital After Faulty Glass In Shower Exploded

A four-year-old Perth boy has been seriously injured by exploding shower glass in his home this week.

He was rushed to hospital with cuts all over his body as his mother was in his room.

She heard a loud noise and rushed into the bathroom to find him covered in blood.

He suffered lacerations to both arms, his head, his chest and muscle damage.

The glass shower screen had been installed around 18 months ago but the same glacier who put in a glass fence around the families pool, which exploded previously, Ms Tilbury said.

Thankfully, the little boy didn’t injure his eyes or sustain further life threatening injuries.

'He got lacerations to both arms, his head and his chest, muscle damage in his arm... the plastic surgeon said he was so lucky that's all that happened,’ his mother Megan Tilbury explained.

She is speaking out to warn others about the possibility of the same thing happening to them.

On Monday Ms Tilbury spoke to the The Building Commission who said the installation sounds dodgy or like faulty glass.

She now must file a report and they will investigate.

Her son has follow-up appointments with a plastic surgeon to repair his wounds. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Source: Daily Mail

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