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This Is Officially The Cheapest Time To Take A Flight!

 Want to save a few pennies on your next holiday? New data has revealed the CHEAPEST time to book your flights, which could result in big savings.

Skyscanner analyzed data from more than 250 million flights over the past three years and found the cheapest months to fly are May and November. 

If you fly during these off-peak periods, you could easily save yourself up to 10 per cent from the average flight price.

The website’s new planning tool also reveals how far in advance you should book your flights to score the lowest fare.

For example, you’re best to book flights to London 25 weeks in advance, and flights to Bali are best booked 11 weeks ahead of time. 

And if you’re thinking of planning a trip in December, think again. The festive season is officially the most expensive month to travel, with price skyrocketing to over 25 per cent.

Source: Daily Mail

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