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THIS Is How You Should Spend Your Tax Refund

With tax time fast approaching, it’s time to think about how you’re going to spend that refund!

Sure, you could pop it in your savings, maybe give your loan a little boost or perhaps you’d prefer to invest it? OR you could #treatyourself. If you’re leaning towards the latter (and, you totally should be) then we’ve got you covered. Why not give yourself a well-deserved EOFY break in GORGEOUS (and luxurious) Fiji?

The beautiful island of Fiji has SO much to offer. Aside from the fact that it’s an instagrammers dream (hello crystal clear waters, tall palm trees and romantic sunsets) it’s got an array of incredible experiences to try, all at a super reasonable price. Think snorkelling, kayaking, paddleboarding, watersports, horseback riding, hiking through waterfalls, exploring tidepools and stunning reefs. Convinced yet?

Namale resort in Fiji is built on what used to be a coconut plantation and spans over 525 ACRES! This resort prides itself on offering guests an authentic Fijian experience, infused with the “Bula Spirit”, a Fijian way of life that is relaxed, laid back and positive. The resort is packed with secluded hideaways, an award-winning spa, a hidden waterfall and spectacular rainforest. SIGN ME UP.

If you’re hesitant to spend all that hard-earned tax money, you could WIN your way to Fiji with Xero’s Tax Break. Signing up is SO easy.

Good luck!


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