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Sydney Man Reveals How He Hasn’t Paid A Road Toll Since 2011

When you think of Sydney heroes, you probably don’t think of Bob Jarvis - but you should.

You see, Bob Jarvis has effectively avoided paying road tolls since 2011 - despite using them often.

Mr Jarvis revealed on Monday that he refused to pay tolls because they breached the constitution.

'You can only collect a debt in gold and silver, there's no basket to throw money into anymore,' he said.

'That's when I stopped paying tolls, when the baskets went away.'

Speaking to Seven News, Mr Jarvis revealed his belief that the new form of payment created by the government was ‘not valid’.

'I've already paid my road toll in petrol excise, and they're double dipping by charging me a toll,' he said.

He also revealed that despite getting fines early on, eventually the toll provider stopped chasing him for his debts, and he successfully escaped paying what he owed.

When asked if he was worried that he could be persecuted now, Mr Jarvis revealed he was confident his argument would stand up in court if his debt was ever pursued.

'I want them to take me to court but they won't because they know damn well they'll lose the case,' he said. Mr Jarvis urged all drivers to follow his lead and refuse to pay tolls.

'Everybody could get away with it if everybody wanted to,' he said.

While Mr Jarvis was adamant he was in the right, the roads minister condemned his actions, telling Seven News every motorist who used toll roads in New South Wales was required by law to pay for the service.

Of course.

Source: Daily Mail

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