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Jetstar's Afterpay Service Is About To Get Even Better

Afterpay has got to be one of the best inventions ever. Especially when you receive your package of whatever item you bought without paying a single cent for it!

Well that is until you start getting the notifications that a percentage of your payment is due...but I digress.

Anywho, wasn't it just the BEST news ever when Jetstar announced that they would be introducing the book now, pay later system on their domestic flights?

Well we're here to tell you that Christmas has come early because their Afterpay system just got even better!

Previously, we were only able to use Afterpay on flights that were at least eight weeks away, meaning last minute flights had to be paid upfront.

BUT Jetstar have just announced that this period has been slashed to just FOUR weeks in advance and this is effective immediately.

"Since launch day, Afterpay has been incredibly popular among our customers in Australia, with thousands of bookings in the first month," a Jetstar spokesman said.

"With Christmas only weeks ahead, we decided to expand this option for more travellers by making Afterpay available for bookings four weeks in advance of travel."

And that's not all, Jetstar is also working on getting us Afterpay on international flights!

"We've heard from many customers wanting to include Afterpay on international flights and that's a possibility we're exploring for the near future and will announce opportunely, " the spokesman said.

The buy now, pay later service allows you to lock in a fare price for a flight and is available on transactions between $200 and $1000 four weeks in advance of the travel date.

Sick of work? Over Uni? escaping the daily grind just became THAT much easier!

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