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How To Become The Hero When Camping With Your Partner

So, you are going camping with your partner and want to look pretty amazing when it comes to creating the a dope fire and at least look like you understand tents.

Well, don’t stress, we’ve got you covered with the easiest way to get it done, and we promise not to get you in trouble.

Keeping dry and not having a tent collapse on you is essential to earning brownie points, so we have some tips to ensure you nail it.

Let’s start with tent ‘chat’. There are quite a few words you need to familiarise yourself with and it can be confusing, so take note!

Let’s start with ‘the floor’. We recommend getting some ‘bucket’ flooring as it is way heavier duty when it comes up and away from the ground and provides heaps more protection.

The more numbers there are in the ‘weave’, the more durable it is, for example, a 14×14 weave is more durable than a 10×10 as the weave is tighter.

‘The Fly’ is up next, and it’s pretty important as it will protect you from the wind and rain. Most polyester/ nylon material tents will have a rating of about  2000mm or 3000mm, but a canvas tent will only be considered waterproof and have stitching swells which will create the waterproof seal.. you will also need to re-waterproof it every couple of years.

Your Inner Tent needs to be lightweight, and most will be made of polyester, however, your ventilation can be increase by having some No-see-um mesh as walls.

The pole is also pretty important to consider. Aluminium is the lightweight one but it is more expensive, and only hikers get them.

Steel poles are way more heavy duty, and they can be galvanised giving them more resistance to the elements.. they are pretty much just for large Canvas tents.

Most of us are going to have fibreglass poles as they are flexible, lightweight and are broken into sections, making you only need to replace part of it if it breaks. You can also add Durawrap which is an additional fibreglass weave that intersects to create more strength, and then the plastic coated fibreglass poles which go that extra step in strength.

Got it? Ok, now we need to build a fire.

To avoid any issues, make sure you check that it isn’t a total fire ban day where you are, as you don’t want a huge fine to ruin this holiday and get you in the bad books.

Also, usually, there will be some specifically provided fireplaces to use but if you haven’t got one of those...well, you are going to need a fire pit.

The key ingredients are dry kindling plus a suitable lighting substrate of paper, bracken, gum leaves or some firelighters from a shop on your way. Imagine your base in a tee pee and build it just like one, and you’ll be set for a good time.

Now, you don’t use petrol; you need to make sure that you ignite at several sections with long matches on the upwind section of the fireplace.

Once you have got it going, you can add some more timber in, which needs to be placed vertically so that the fire can develop further.

If your fire starts to go out, you can fan the embers with an esky lid, or even your folded camp chair to get it going again, or even some dry gum leaves will work.

So, now that you’ve got the instructions, you need to pick up the right equipment. Get kitted out at rays, and you’re good to go. Good luck and god speed!



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