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Ruin Your Haircut With This Instagram Trend

We don’t really know how to start this one, so we’ll just say it: there is a low-key trend on Instagram bubbling away... and it will make any average human achieve an inconceivable level of ugly.

Meet the Reverse Mohawk.

Instead of keeping the spikes in the middle of the head and the shaven bits on the sides, these idiots are shaving their heads straight down the middle. Some attempts of shaving aren’t even straight.

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You guys like my new hair #reversemohawk 😘

A post shared by Kenny Lapergola (@kenlapergola20) on

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His level of commitment for Crazy Hair Day is both hilarious and frightening. #reversemohawk

A post shared by Julie Twiss (@303julie) on

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I'm already missing my #reversemohawk y'all. #punkskinhead #rare #nerdsmile

A post shared by S E P I A K A T S O O L I S (@yungseep) on

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