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Research Reveals What Every Woman Is Looking for in A Man

Listen up men, a new study has found what women really want and you’ll be pleased to know it’s not money or good looks… (Unless you’ve got both those things... which in that case, dam you!)

According to this research out of Poland, ladies are really lust after a soothing voice and a pleasant natural scent in a man.

Your voice is a conveyer of a number of things; how dominant you are, how cooperative you are, what your emotional state is, and even how big your body is.

Your scent also allows others to gain this kind of information about you. Thankfully, if your natural odour isn’t up to much you can fake this with deodorants and aftershaves.

Keeping her interested once you’ve got her is the next step and according to this study the thing that will help you here is called ‘responsiveness.’

Show your partner that you value them – that you understand and appreciate their needs and support their goals. It signals to your partner that you are really concerned with their welfare and that they are special.

Basically just be a nice person.

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