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Popular Kids App Letting 'Horrifying' Content Slip Through

Parents are being warned that "no filter is 100 per cent accurate" after kids were able to access fake versions of TV shows and movies on YouTube.  

Hundreds of fake videos, including Peppa Pig, Minions and Frozen were found to contain disturbing content, including characters being injected with syringes, set on fire, eaten by crocodiles, zombies, and engaging in sexual acts, reported the BBC.

Using apps like YouTube Kids, which are supposed to filter out unsuitable content, are no guarantee as many of these disturbing cartoons, masquerading as the real deal, are slipping through.


Parent and journalist Laura June said she thought her three-year-old daughter was watching Peppa Pig… but immediately noticed something was not quite right.

In this version, ‘Peppa Pig’ was having her teeth pulled out by a dentist with a huge syringe while distressed crying could be heard.

"Peppa does a lot of screaming and crying and the dentist is just a bit sadistic and it's just way, way off what a three-year-old should watch," she said on her website, The Outline.

“The video, is completely horrifying. Though the animation sort of looks like an actual episode of Peppa Pig, it’s poorly done, and the narrative quickly veers into upsetting territory.

“The animation is close enough to looking like Peppa - it's crude but it's close enough that my daughter was like 'This is Peppa Pig.'"


YouTube said in a statement that it recommends parents enable an additional "restricted mode" at the bottom of the page:

"Flagged videos are manually reviewed 24/7 and any videos that don't belong in the app are removed within hours. For parents who want a more restricted experience, we recommend that they turn off the Search feature in the app."


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