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Loved 'The Ghan'? We Found THE YouTube Channel For You

Last week, SBS gave Australia its first taste of ‘slow TV’ with The Ghan: Australia’s Greatest Train Journey.

Demand was so high for more after the original 3-hour broadcast that they announced an extended version.

Over the weekend, SBS VICELAND delivered.

The full 17 hours.

The concept of ‘slow TV’ seems to have started with ‘The Yule Log’ – a looped film of a piece of firewood burning accompanied by Christmas music which was broadcast in the US in 1966.

But the idea only really took off in 2009 after the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation broadcast a 7-hour train journey.

Since then, Norway is considered the leader of slow TV.

And for those hanging for their next fix, we reck that the ‘Train Driver’s View’ could very well be your new favourite YouTube channel.

Just found a live stream channel of train driver's view

You’re welcome.

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