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Women Are Eating Maccas To Increase Their Pregnancy Chances

September 17 is the most popular date to be born in Australia, with September 23 and 24 also cracking the top five. This means that there is a lot of action going down in the summer months.

The Sun has reported a number of unusual techniques couples swear by in order to get pregnant. It turns out that 3% of those surveyed are scoffing down some Maccas fries after making love in the hopes that it’ll up their chances at getting pregnant. 

Meanwhile, 37% of couples eat dark chocolate every day and 32% swear that pineapple does the trick by either eating the fruit or drinking the juice. 

As always, there classic old wives’ tale of putting your legs in the air and moving them in a bicycle motion for 3 minutes has proven rather successful for 58% of those surveyed.

Some more tips include:

  • Using reverse psychology and telling yourself you want a baby and then having a crazy night to forget about trying (39%)
  • Turning off all phones, devices and WiFi while sleeping in total darkness (15%)
  • Participating in Dry January (10%)
  • Keeping your feet warm for a week after having sex while wearing socks (10%)
  • Avoiding an orgasm for a week after sex (6%)
  • Wearing green and using green bedsheets (5%)
  • Piercing the left side of your nose (0.5%)

Another brutal baby making hack includes getting the guy to wear a pair of boxer shorts straight from the freezer. The survey reveals that a brave 1 in 100 men dared to try it out. 

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