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Woman Who Was Fat Shamed In Public Has EPIC Response

Brynne Huffman woke up this morning, put on an outfit consisting of a white shirt over some denim shorts, brushed her hair and headed out the door to run some errands.

Little did she know her day was going to take a turn for the worse almost immediately, courtesy of a mean spirited interfering stranger.

When Brynne arrived at a UPS store to drop off a parcel she joined the queue and got talking to a lovely older woman, who straight away complimented her hair (seriously this chick has Hollywood hair!)

The pair stayed chatting until the older woman moved on and in the spirit of passing it forward Brynne turned to the woman behind her and smiled.

Brynne says this woman has was probably about 30-35, very attractive, about a size 8 and wearing a shirt that says "COEXIST".

In response to Brynne's smile the woman responded with, "Your hair really is amazing. ::cocks head to side:: "You should probably rethink the shorts though."

Needless to say Brynne was fuming inside and was desperately trying to choke back tears as she thought about what she should say back.

Eventually she calmly looked at the woman and simply said, "You should probably rethink your shirt."

Brynne then went home and with the support of her husband, snapped a pic and uploaded it to Facebook along with a post about how the whole incident made her feel. The post has since gone massively viral with over 130,000 shared and 345,000 likes.

You go girl!

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