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Why YouTube Star Jenna Marbles Shaved Her Eyebrows

YouTube star Jenna Marbles is little bit cray at the best of times, but she might of well and truly finally lost her... marbles.

In her latest video titled "Shaving My Eyebrows", she pretty much does just that. Known for her hilarious antics and beauty tips (if you can call them that!), the 30 year-old doesn't leave anything to the imagination in the clip which has already racked up over a million views in just over a day.

So why did she do it? In the video (above), Jenna shows how she started by only shaving the outer half of her brows so she could experiment with different tail shapes, by drawing them back in.

"No, I’m not going crazy. I’m just doing a thing," Jenna declares in her video, also admitting it's not the first time she's done it.

Not to disappoint her fans, she didn't stop halfway though. You can't name a video "Shaving My Eyebrows" without shaving them completely off, right? "I think I should just shave the whole thing and make a new eyebrow," she says. "Life's too short. I want to shave the whole thing and see if it makes it more fun or less fun."

Once they were completely gone (using the razor that she shaves her legs with!), she then experiments with entirely new shapes to completely change her look - but not necessarily for the better.

While we kinda like the idea, you gotta admit it's not really practical, but fun to watch someone else do it! Watch above to see what new looks she came up with..

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