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Which Celebrity Brow Are You?

Neat brows are always in! It’s not so much about matching face shapes with different brow styles because everyone is so unique!

Ottoman3’s Mini Sarkissian says: Just enhance your own features – refine what you’re already got!

For example, the ‘golf club’ brow, happens when the start of someone’s eyebrow doesn’t blend into the tail, creating something that looks like a golf club!

Check out these celebrity brow styles – which celebrity brow are you? Tell us in the comments below. 


Brows frame the face, and having symmetry is important to set that frame.

Ottoman3 Brow Bar have a LOT of experience in reshaping and fixing brows that are the wrong shape for someone.

They specialise in natural looking brows and enhancing what you've already got! 

Visit to get your hands on their brow tools to create your own celebrity brow look!

You can visit one of their three locations - Melbourne Central, Highpoint Shopping Centre, and Watergardens Town Centre - to help maintain your Brow job


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