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This New Desk Set-Up Will See You Burn 600 Calories An Hour

For many of us, we tend to make the excuse that we’re too time poor to exercise.

‘When will I fit it in today?’ I hear you ask - it’s a predicament many young professionals find themselves in - but there’s actually a BRILLIANT solution - and you’ll only get a FEW weird looks.

NextDesk have brought out a Velo bicycle desk that allows you to pedal as you work.

We all know that standing burns around 30 per cent more calories than sitting, NextDesk claims that even a moderate effort will torch about 600 calories per hour, while light cycling will burn 350 – 400 calories per hour, which is about three times the number of calories per hour for standing.

Other notable features include a USB data port to track and save your pedal revolutions, distance, calories and duration data for easy upload to your account when you’ve finished your workout. There’s also an app for that.


If space is an issue, an article on Sporteluxe also showcases a far more compact version, and only $159, compared to NetDesk’s $799 invention; the DeskCycle bike peddler, which sits just under your desk. Mind the weird looks from colleagues, though!

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