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Why Guys Always Wanna Bang As Soon As They Wake Up

Guys who pile on to women for their ever-fluctuating hormone cycle are in for a rude awakening; according to research, men go through their own cycle DAILY, and it makes a heck of a lot of difference to their behaviour.

It all starts off in the morning when a guy's testosterone levels are sky-frickin'-high - which explains why your boyfriend tends to crack on before his eyes have even opened.

But all of that testosterone can affect more than your sex drive; the build-up of hormones can make dudes more energetic, focused, sociable and aggressive, which is probably why he gets so shirty when something minor goes wrong.


But as the day goes on, testosterone levels start to balance out, calming the cranky but maintaining the energy.

And by evening? Blokes are basically women, the most nurturing and calm they're going to be and plenty more agreeable.

(Which means that, if you've got anything you wanna ask them, now's probably the time. But you didn't hear that from us.)

Obviously outside events can cause spikes and drops - Grand Final day, anyone? - but that's generally what a life in the day of a man looks like.

Kind of explains the morning wood, doesn't it?

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