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People Are Making Their Own Yeezy Shoes With SOCKS

If you like every other person has been dying to get their hands on Yeezy’s Season 2 knit boots, but are reluctant to fork out $895 in the process, listen up. There is finally an amazing DIY that can save you thousands and have you looking AMAZING in seconds.Some pure genius has work out that a pair of socks and a glue gun will do that trick. Who said keeping up with the Kardashians is expensive!?

The craze started when stylist Colette Emily created a Yeezy knit heel tutorial. To recreate the look she simply pulled a thin pair of socks over a pair of stilettos, cut a whole to allow the heel to sleep through and bob’s your uncle.

Lmao 😂😭😂 I'm a meme 😭😂 officially made it 😂😂😂

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Lol I did this for the fun of it 😂

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You’re welcome.

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