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Lisa Wilkinson’s Husband Reveals 46 KILO Transformation

Lisa Wilkinson has revealed how her husband recently dropped 46 kilos before they tied the knot for a second time on the weekend.

The Today show host said that her and husband, Peter FitzSimons started to go to the gym together to kick start their diet and that she was “proud” of her man’s results.

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“He’s kind of passed me by in the fitness department. I was always secretly thinking, ‘Well, at least I’m looking after myself better than my husband is,’ but we started going to the gym together, and he gave up sugar and alcohol, and [that was when] everything came right for him,” she told Yours.

“I’m particularly happy for him because I can see he’s enjoying every day so much more.

“I think that’s the real message of good health — you get a lot more out of the day, you sleep better, and I think you have better relationships as you don’t have the aches and pains that can come with getting older.”


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