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Ladies, You NEED To Have A Baby Before You Turn 30

These days, people are waiting longer to have children - and why not? Women have careers of their own to focus on, and don't feel the need to have children as young as their mothers may have.

However, one of Britain's top National Health Services Fertility Specialists has issued a strong warning to to women: start trying for a baby before 30 - or risk never having children.

The strongly worded statement was sent in a letter to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan by consultant gynaecologist Professor Geeta Nargund in an attempt to ensure that teenagers are taught about the dangers of delaying parenthood.

The main reason? The spiralling cost to the taxpayer of IVF for women in their late 30s and 40s.

In Professor Nargund's experience, the agony of the growing number of women left childless is the main reason fertility lessons must be included in the national curriculum.

Amid a rise in women delaying motherhood to pursue careers, the Daily Mail reports that Professor Nargund warns Britain faces a 'fertility timebomb' if they don't get attempting to start a family sooner.


In the aforementioned letter, Professor Nargund writes: ‘I have witnessed all too often the shock and agony on the faces of women who realise they have left it too late to start a family.

‘For so many, this news comes as a genuine surprise and the sense of devastation and regret can be overwhelming."

‘And so often the cry will be “Why did no one warn me about this?”’

Nargund believes that the delay in starting a family results in a likely increase in fertility issues, as well as a 'costly and unneccesary burden on the NHS', she said.

Her belief is not just restricted to Britain, either. Professor Nargund's belief in starting a family either, both for a higher personal success rate and less burden on the econmy can be applied around the world.

Pushing passionately for fertility education, she tells Mrs Morgan: ‘Information is power and the best way to empower people to take control of their fertility is through education.’ Prof Nargund said last night: ‘Ideally, if a woman is ready for a child, she should start trying by the time she is 30. She should consider having a child early because as a woman gets older, her fertility declines sharply.’

Source: Daily Mail

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