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Kendall Jenner Has GREAT Advice For Wearing Heels All Night

If you HATE prancing around in heels all night, you’re not alone.

The fact that as women we’re expected to glide around and look effortless in shoes that call for our feet to adhere to an almost 90 degree angle is just ridiculous.

And we’re supposed to do it for hours on end, with little to no complaining allowed.

How is ANYONE supposed to have fun?!

Well, according to a report on beautyheaven, Kendall Jenner has the answer.

She’s the ultimate high heel prancer and is expected to wear them with ease daily.

But although she’s a Kardashian, she’s not superhuman. So, how does she do it?

“I switch from one foot to another a lot”, she explains.

“You have to keep moving your feet”, she says.

The reason behind it is the shifting of weight gives your feet a break, while keeping them moving keeps the blood pumping through and stops them from aching.

Have you ever noticed that your shoes hurt the most after you’ve been sitting down for a while?

The higher the chair the worse the pain?

Bingo. Keep moving, ladies!

Source: beautyheaven

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