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The Dirty Secret Behind Your Gel Manicure

Girls are loving gel manicures these days.

Nail polish that lasts for 3 weeks? Yes, please!

But hiding below that pretty hard-setting shade is a dirty secret.

Unfortunately new research has found gel nails retain the most bacteria after cleaning.

What's more concerning is their study actually looked at the bacteria on healthcare workers nails and found gel polish harbours the most germs, even after hand sanitiser is used.

The research saw healthcare workers being painted with standard polish and gel polish, with some left unpainted.

Researchers then measured bacterial contamination across 14 days.

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They found that all nail types became contaminated over time regardless of the product applied, but gels were the worst.

We get the feeling that this won't stop many of you getting gels, because pretty nails > hygiene... right?!

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