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Demi Lovato's Recipe For Happiness Is What We All Wished For

Did we say the word 'recipe' in that headline? Hell yes we did, because Demi Lovato's four steps to complete happiness involves FOOD!

And not any food... CARBS!

Ok, we might be blind-sighted a little bit from the other three points, because, CARBS, but hey, a girl's gotta eat.

She revealed her four-step happiness mantra on Insta overnight, saying she's "feeling better than I've ever felt", and shared her secrets with her 56 million followers.

So, what's her four-step plan to reach enlightenment you ask? Read on..

1. Tell yourself you're beautiful daily
2. Be gentle with yourself
3. Eat carbs without guilt
4. And remember that life is too short to worry about what others think!

We absolutely love that Demi's in a better place right now and strong enough to share her feelings to inspire others.

And we also love it because... CARBS!!

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