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Christmas Tree Eyebrows Are Now A Thing

The eyebrow has become a real statement piece when it comes to makeup this year. We've seen our brows get thicker and darker than ever as trends changed and having strong eyebrow game became one of the most important parts of our morning routine.

But then we also saw some weird and wacky trends take off that we struggled to get on board with like the squiggle brows, feathered brows, glitter brows and even the no brows.

And in similar fashion to these insane trends comes a special christmas edition: The Christmas Tree Brows. And I really don't know how to feel about this. Seriously, I'm torn!

Don't get me wrong, I'm one of those people that's Christmas crazy! My house: covered top to bottom in festive lights, christmas earrings: I've got a whole collection, and ugly Christmas sweaters: the more the merrier!

But Christmas eyebrows? Now that's just a little bit too EXTRA for my taste...

The trend is designed to have the hairs flicking upwards and downwards to form the branches of the tree. On each of these "branches" lies a delicately placed sparkle to replicate the baubles and lights.

Then lastly there's a golden star topping the tree at the inner corner of the eyebrow.

Now I'm no Grinch, I'm all for people getting into the Chrissy spirit, but really, Christmas tree brows? I mean REALLY?

Here's hoping that we can leave these crazy eyebrow styles in 2017 and start afresh with just your average penciled in brows for the new year.

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