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Bunnings Could Soon Be Serving Vegan Sausages!

Vegans are calling on Bunning’s to make their popular sausage sizzle more inclusive. A petition, calling on the hardware chain to include vegan snags, is just 53 signatures away from its target of 5,000.

The petition created by Dean Maher, has gained the support of Australian musician and vegan activist Joana Weinhofen, who encouraged her Twitter followers to get on board.

Monday's breakfast from #bunnings

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Being the third fastest growing vegan market in the world, there is hope the healthier option could become a permanent fixture at Bunnings.

The quintessential Aussie Sunday 👌 #bunnings #snags #sunday

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Many vegans reported feeling left out and not part of the community because they couldn't join in and enjoy the sausage sizzle. Another wrote: "It's 2017. Not only are vegan sausages delicious, but they are healthier, have a much smaller environmental footprint and no innocent animal had to suffer! It's a win win."

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