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Bloke With World's Biggest Balls Drops Out Of School

WARNING: Graphic content

A man with testicles 10 times the average size has revealed that he was forced to drop out of school as a result of his condition.

Forence Owiti Opiyo appeared on a recent episode of Barcroft TV to explain just how much of an effect being the owner of the world's largest testicles has had on his life.

According to the Kenya-born student, he first noticed a cyst on his genitals a little over 10 years ago but, despite an operation to remove the growth, it came back - and hasn't stopped growing since.

"This thing started very small, like a boil," the 21-year-old said. "Then it was the size of my fist. It just continued to grow bigger and bigger.

"It was operated on and they removed it. They did some tests and found it had not been fully removed but I could not come back due to the post-election violence and I stayed home.

"I finished my medicine but it continued to grow. I was supposed to come for a second operation but we couldn't raise the money we needed."


Unable to afford another surgery, Forence had been mending shoes in an attempt to save money.

But a photo posted on Facebook by his neighbour Duncan Otieno brought some much-needed attention to his plight and, just three days later, he had been contacted by a hospital willing to help.

After two surgeries - one to "debulk the penis and get rid of the excess mass" and the second to "reconstruct the penis" - doctors believe Forence will make a full recovery.

"We spared the nerves, we spared the circulation and we brought the shaft to its rightful size," Dr James Obondi said. "I believe Forence is going to enjoy his life like any other normal human being.

"In three months he will be just normal in his functions and be able to do everything he wants to do."

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