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A Life-Saving Medication Has Been RECALLED As It May Not Wor

Four batches of life-saving EpiPens have been recalled due to a fault which might cause them to activate incorrectly.

More than 80,000 EpiPen 300 microgram adrenaline injection auto-injectors across batch numbers - 5FA665, 5FA6651, 5FA6652 and 5FA6653 - which have an expiry date of April 2017 may be effected.

The EpiPens are used to counter severe allergic reactions to food, medications or insect bites. According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration there has been two confirmed reports of the auto-injectors failing to activate correctly.

"The failure of the auto-injector to activate may result in patients not receiving the required dose of adrenaline, resulting in the worsening of symptoms of anaphylaxis or anaphylactic reactions, which could be life-threatening," the company said in a statement.

The EpiPens can be returned to pharmacies and replaced free of charge.

However, users are being told to hold on to old EpiPens until they’ve been replaced and to possibly use more force than normal to activate it.

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