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Yet Another Aussie Mum Shamed By Her Kids' School

It was not long ago that we heard of a note sent home by a South Australian school, shaming a mother for sending a some chocolate slice in her daughter's lunchbox, and it's already happening all over again.

Another South Australian mum received the shock of her life when she read the note that was sent home with her four yearold daughter Isabel.


Labelled as a 'sometimes food', the slice of homemade cake that was in Isabel's lunchbox was confiscated and replaced with a healthier alternative.

Isabel's mother Jessica spoke with The Advertiser about how she felt when she first read the note.

“As a parent, I should be able to choose what my child should have,” she said.

“She had a container of fruit including a banana, a sandwich and rice crackers. It wasn’t like the cake was the only thing she had to eat.

“Instead of putting the note in her lunch box, she (the teacher) could have spoken to me when I picked Isabel up.”

However, the school staff backed their actions saying that the healthy eating policy was devised by parents together with the school, and that the note used language which was consistant with the school's curriculum.

Do you think these kinds of notes are warranted?

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